Author: L. B. Shimaira

L.B. Shimaira is from the Netherlands, born in 1989, is married and has a daughter. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree and currently works as a research technician at Intravacc, where she helps develop vaccines.

She considers herself a horror addict, having been into the genre since she was a little kid. As she often finds horror too predictable, she enjoys trying to make her own works full of surprises—and avoid the standard clichés.

The majority of her works are inspired by her own dreams and nightmares, giving them a vivid sense of realism. She struggled with depression as a teen, is a self-diagnosed autistic, and received therapy for PTSD in 2019. When she states she needs to write in order to stay sane, she means it.

She currently identifies as pan grey-asexual. She uses she/her pronouns but is perfectly fine with they/them too. Thinking about her own gender too much can give her quite the headache—especially since feelings fluctuate—so she prefers to state her sex is female while her gender is simply queer. Polyamory tends to sneak into her works, even if just a notion, and LGBTQ+ characters are always present in her novels.

On Wattpad, she shares some of her work. The first part of her horror novel They call him Lucius was featured by Wattpad itself for 3 years (2014-2017), and a paranormal thriller she co-wrote with the user Godhand under the name G.S. Lucent was featured for Halloween of 2019. She has won several user-run awards on the platform. She has also recently joined the Wattpad Stars.

Previous Work
Insanity (short story) published in Bad Neighborhood (Misfit Horror Anthologies Book 1)
Visual Snow (short story) publication pending for the anthology Mirrormaze, a dreampunk anthology

Connect with L. B. Shimaira

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Books by L. B. Shimaira

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