Happy Halloween! Merry Samhain! The time has come… The long awaited sequel to LITTLE BLACK BIRD by Anna Kirchner is here: TALL WHITE TENEMENT.

To celebrate this release, LITTLE BLACK BIRD has also received a little make-over and a matching cover. If you haven’t read the first book yet, now would be a great time to grab both and delve into the world of Slavic mythology, demons, magic, and enjoy all the ace, aro, and questioning rep these books have to offer.

Scroll down for the blurb and find out where you can pick up a copy of your own!

The magical world is at the brink of war and Wiktoria is pressured to pick a side. Should she break the curse, condemning magic but saving humanity, or should she save magic at the cost of leaving humans to the mercy of demons?

Torn between following in her parents’ footsteps and listening to her heart, she delves deeper into the hidden society of sorcerers, Guardians and demons. Her magic is more unpredictable than ever and her bond with Artur is put to the test as they try to complete the legendary Circle of Four.

As more and more demons find their way into our realm and human enemies close in, the time to decide which world to save runs thin. When nothing is black and white and enemies turn into allies, how does one pick a side?

To make matters worse, just as Wiktoria and her friends finally decide on a plan, a forgotten secret is rediscovered and everything is cast into doubt once more—but the clock is still ticking.

The sequel to Little Black Bird brings back familiar faces and a host of new ones, along with introducing us to even more Slavic demons.

You can get digital copies from Smashwords, or if you fancy a physical copy, grab a paperback or hardback from Amazon! And while you’re at it, why not add it to your Goodreads TBR?

Happy reading!

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