A. L. Haringrey

About A. L. Haringrey

A.L. Haringrey is a British author and occasional archer. She lives with her better half and her lizard son somewhere not nearly close enough to the sea for her liking. She has a degree in English Language and currently works as a copy editor and copywriter.

Ms Haringrey loves a good fantasy book, especially when it dips its toes into the paranormal or supernatural side of things. However, having grown tired of saturated tropes—especially concerning vampires and werewolves—she decided to write her own stories. She started publishing on Wattpad and ended up winning numerous user-run awards. Her works have also been featured on some of Wattpad’s ambassador profiles.

When she’s not writing books, Ms Haringrey can often be found trying to get several arrows to land somewhere close to the middle of a target, drinking far too much coffee, or playing video games.

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