About Us

Gurt Dog Press is based in Västra Götaland, Sweden. We are a family business with roots in fiction-writing and traditional publishing.

🔸Nem Rowan🔸

Gurt Dog Press was started by Nem Rowan in 2019. He is an author of LGBTQ+ Fiction. His own work has been published by Less Than Three Press and JMS Books, but has now found a forever home at Gurt Dog. He is a transgender man from the UK, and he is especially keen to bring audiences to fellow trans writers in the Horror genre.

Nem founded Gurt Dog Press with the intention of publishing stories for queer readers of Horror and other forms of speculative fiction that don’t focus on the Romance genre as the sole vehicle for promoting LGBTQ+ identities.

🔸April-Jane Rowan🔸

April-Jane Rowan is an author of Horror and Dark Fantasy. Her work often focuses on the bizarre and grotesque, with her style described as somewhat akin to Angela Carter.

April works as Gurt Dog’s Editing Assistant and Social Media Co-Ordinator. She handles the assessment of submissions, creates graphics for Gurt Dog’s social media presence and is the primary point of contact for Gurt Dog authors.

🔸Linn Sjölin🔸

Linn Sjölin is Gurt Dog’s PR Advisor as she has a background in marketing and promotions for a wide range of books. Linn is passionate about everything to do with books, especially LGBTQ+ ones.

Outside of the internet, she also works for the charity organization, RFSL, campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights in Sweden.

🔸Jordan Ray🔸

Jordan is Gurt Dog’s Junior Editor and works alongside Nem on our publications. She is an avid reader and book lover. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA. She currently uses her literary skills to review books on her Instagram.

Jordan is passionate about queer books and would love nothing more than to help authors put more queer books into the world! Jordan lives in Yakima, Washington with her mom and her adorable basset hound named Marigold.

🔸L. B. Shimaira 🔸

L.B. Shimaira is from the Netherlands, born in 1989, is married and has a daughter. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree and currently works as a research technician, where she helps develop vaccines. Her novel, My Lord was published last year by Gurt Dog Press, and she also shares some of her other work on Wattpad, where she has won several user-run awards and recently joined the Wattpad Stars.

Shimaira is Gurt Dog’s Proofreader and is the last line of defence against grammar errors in the final manuscript.

The Gurt Dog (“Great Dog”) of Somerset is an example of a benevolent dog. It is said that mothers would allow their children to play unsupervised on the Quantock Hills because they believed the Gurt Dog would protect them. It would also accompany lone travellers in the area, acting as a protector and guide.

From Wikipedia
‘Black Dog (ghost)’