The Team

Gurt Dog Press was started by Nem Rowan, an author of LGBTQ+ Fiction. His own work has been published by Less Than Three Press and JMS Books. He founded this company with the intention of publishing stories for queer readers of Horror and other forms of speculative fiction that don’t focus on the Romance genre as the sole vehicle for promoting LGBTQ+ identities.

April-Jane Rowan is an author of Horror and Fantasy, and her debut novella, Beneath A Bethel, was recently published by Gurt Dog Press. She works as Nem’s secretary, and handles the majority of Gurt Dog’s social media and graphic design.

Linn Sjölin is Gurt Dog’s PR manager and the founder of our sister company B Proud PR, a book promotion service for LGBTQ+ books and authors. Linn liaisons with Gurt Dog authors to provide guidance on promotional campaigns and PR for their releases. She also works for the charity RFSL, campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights in Sweden.

The Gurt Dog (“Great Dog”) of Somerset is an example of a benevolent dog. It is said that mothers would allow their children to play unsupervised on the Quantock Hills because they believed the Gurt Dog would protect them. It would also accompany lone travellers in the area, acting as a protector and guide.

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‘Black Dog (ghost)’
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