🔸Information for Readers🔸

🔸 How do I buy e-copies direct through you?

If you go to the page for the book you want to purchase, you can choose to check-out with PayPal. We will receive notification that payment has been received, and then we will send you a zip file containing the book in both EPUB and MOBI format.

Because this system is entirely manual, there may be some delay in you receiving your copy if you make a purchase over the weekend when the team isn’t in the office. If you would like to receive your copy automatically, you can also purchase them through Smashwords.

🔸I need a different format to EPUB and MOBI. Is that possible?

Please feel free to contact us via email and we will do our best to provide a different digital format, including PDF, LIT etc.

🔸Can I buy physical copies direct through you?

Not at the moment, but in the coming months, we will be making it possible to buy physical copies direct through our website. These will be printed independently from KDP and will be shipped from us.

🔸Is it possible to get signed copies?

At the moment, signed copies can be arranged through us and we can contact authors on your behalf to purchase a signed copy. Most of the time, authors are more than happy to sign copies or provide signed book-plates for readers.

🔸Are there any stores that stock your books?

Yes, you can find a list of stores that stock our books here! It is also possible for your local indie bookstore to purchase books direct from us if you would like to order through them instead.

🔸Information for Authors🔸

🔸Do you sell print copies or only e-books?

At the moment, all of our books are made available to be purchased via Print On Demand through Amazon as both paperbacks and hard covers. We are in the process of moving printing and distribution over to independent print on demand services as we are planning to move away from using Amazon.

All books published through us that are longer than 30,000 words will be available in hard copy.

We distribute e-copies through Smashwords, so our e-books are available from major stores like Nook, Kindle, iStore, Google Books etc. E-copies can also be purchased directly through us here on our website.

🔸Do you offer anything in the way of PR or marketing?

We prompt all of our releases across our social media accounts but we do not offer release tours. We do occasionally do book giveaways for both digital and physical copies, along with promo discount vouchers for e-copies. We also try to arrange promo opportunities with brick and mortar book stores local to the author if possible.

Authors published with us can get 10% off and a free tour highlight with our affiliate, Pride Book Tours, a PR company specialising in the promotion of LGBTQ+ books!

🔸Do you charge anything? Will I have to pay to have my book published with you?

Absolutely not. We do not charge money for publication, nor do we expect authors to pay us for editing, formatting and everything else that goes into preparing a book for sale. Authors can put money into PR campaigns if they choose to; this is commonplace for authors of many small presses who don’t have the resources to promote the way big presses do. However, there are plenty of free ways to promote your work and we can offer advice and guidance if you need it.

Please be wary of publishers who expect you to pay money upfront just for them to even consider your manuscript.

🔸How much will I earn from sales?

Gurt Dog authors receive 50% of all profits from the sale of their books, a very generous offer! This includes both e-copies and print copies.

🔸I have a question not listed here; can I speak to a member of your team?

You can either drop us an email at contact@gurtdogpress.com or you can reach out to us by sending us a DM on our social media accounts: Twitter & Instagram. We try our best to reply the same day or within a day or two, depending on how busy we are and how much behind-the-scenes work is going on!