Folk Tales from the Hinterland Anthology

Cover design by Nem Rowan
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Come get lost in the Hinterland with these ten dark tales that draw on inspiration from folklore.

Clever mortals fool Death, escape peril and battle curses. Witches seduce with malicious intent and monsters trick across different centuries. A child discovers a hidden secret about themselves while a hell-hound finds their past. Love is found between fearful creatures and a rivalry between cousins comes to a bitter end.

The line between what is good and what is evil blurs, leaving you asking yourself, who is the monster here and would I act any different if placed in their shoes?

Featuring stories by: L. B. Shimaira, Jamie Rose, April-Jane Rowan, A. J. Van Belle, Toni Mobley, Die Booth, Claire Olivia Golden, Dez Schwartz, Antonija Meznaric and Eleonora Prandini.

Beware, because once you enter the Hinterland, you might not be able to find your way home.

Release date ~ 1st December 2021
Novel length ~ 48,000 words
Genre ~ Adult, Horror Anthology, Folklore, Fairy Tales
ISBN Paperback ~ 978-91-987425-7-2
ISBN Hard cover ~ 978-91-987425-8-9
ISBN Digital ~ 978-91-987425-6-5

Content Warnings
Graphic gore, violence, murder, death

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