In The Dark Of The Grove by Jon Wesley Huff

Cover to be revealed

Fifteen years after he was kicked out of his parents’ house for being gay, Kyle Thomas is returning “home” to Essen, Indiana to get the old family farm ready to sell. His novelist father, days after releasing his newest book Dunbar’s Grove, committed suicide and Kyle has inherited everything. Many have come to believe his father’s book was a disguised confession to the murder of Kyle’s mother.

Kyle finds a mysterious note hidden in his father’s typewriter suggests that the Dunbar’s Grove novel is actually a clue to a mystery the town in keeping. They begin to theorize that the local elite Minty Green Club is conducting some kind of criminal enterprise that keeps the town wealthy and the real-life grove outside Essen is key to it. He decides to put his journalistic skills to work and find out what is going on in Essen.

This small town horror is perfect for those that love Stephen King but want their stories more diverse.

Release date ~ tbc
Novel length ~ tbc
Genre ~ Adult, Horror, Urban Gothic
ISBN Paperback ~ tbc
ISBN Hard cover ~ tbc
ISBN Digital ~ tbc

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