Book Tours, Reviewers and Retailers

Book Tours

We are affiliated with Pride Book Tours, a PR company specialising in the promotion of LGBTQ+ books! Authors published with us can get a 10% discount and a tour highlight. If you are a book reviewer interested in taking part in future Gurt Dog Press book tours, go sign up to Pride Book Tours to stay up to date on upcoming releases.

Book Reviewers

If you are a book reviewer with an established following, be it on WordPress, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us to discuss review copies from our current catalogue, upcoming releases and promotional opportunities!

Book Retailers & Stores

At present, our print copies are sold through Amazon via Print On Demand, but it is possible for us to order wholesale batches and have them sent direct to your chosen address. Being a small indie press ourselves, we are always happy to support small independent stores.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and orders; we’re happy to do business with you!