Jon Wesley Huff

Jon has been drawing since he could hold a crayon, and at one point wanted to be a comic book illustrator before heading down the path of graphic design and writing after realizing he didn’t have the patience for drawing full comics. He still enjoys illustrating for his own pleasure, and takes the occasional illustration job. He’s created comics and artwork for Obverse Books, Pencil Tip Publishing, and Pseudoscope Publishing. His comic book short stories have appeared in the Sapphire & Steel Omnibus, Whotopia magazine, and Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter. His favorite artists include Bilquis Evely, Barry Windsor Smith, Liam Sharp, Moebius, Dave McKean, Caspar Wyngard, and P. Craig Russell.

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Contact Info

If you would like to contact Jon for commission work, he can be reached through his personal website here.