Lovelorn by April-Jane Rowan

Cover art by Nem Rowan
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In Victorian England, within the sprawling countryside, a small village borders Lovelorn, a crystal kingdom inhabited by the Fair Folk that masquerades as a dense wood. Two unsuspecting mortals stray into the depths of this hidden world.

Harry, a disgraced jockey, stumbles upon a Kelpie and seeks to bind him, intending to use him to regain his former glory at horse racing. He is dancing a dangerous waltz however as Kelpies are a sly and deadly folk, his actions bringing him steadily closer to a grave at the bottom of a lake.

Mabel, a grieving wife abandoned by her husband, searches for her young son, Peter, who was stolen by the Fair Folk, simply wanting to bring her family together again. She makes a bargain with a knight from Lovelorn, entrusting her quest to him, all the while fearful that his word cannot be trusted.

Unbeknownst to them, their paths run parallel. They struggle to navigate the unbalanced and crumbling kingdom, while being opposed by creatures they thought resided only in fables. Can they play by the strange rules of the Fair Folk and win their freedom, or are they fated to lose themselves within the trees?

Release date ~ 26th September 2021
Novel length ~ 80,000
Genre ~ Adult, Fairy Tale Horror
ISBN Paperback ~ 978-91-986728-4-8
ISBN Hard cover ~ 978-91-986728-5-5
ISBN Digital ~ 978-91-986728-3-1

Content Warnings
Death/drowning, dead bodies, gore, child death, non-consensual nudity, mutilation, depression

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