General Submissions Are

Submissions will open again next year

If we ❤️ your Twitter pitch during #SFFPit or #PitMad etc. please submit to us using the guidelines below, regardless of whether General Submissions are open. Thankyou!


Our focus is publishing books that aren’t just Romance. The Contemporary Romance genre dominates the LGBTQ+ fiction landscape, and we want to turn the tide on the wave of MM Romance by publishing books about queer characters going on the adventures and conquering foes we dreamed of as kids. That’s not to say we aren’t interested in your work if it has Romance as its core; if your work is both sweet and scary at the same time, we’re still interested.

Our ideal genres are Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal and any and all speculative fiction. We like darkness, fear, magic, gore and mythology! Don’t be afraid to gross us out with a gruesome fight scene. We want to be awed by mysterious creatures and death-defying stunts. If your book is weird and wonderful, ghostly and gloomy, or vivid and violent, we want to read it.


We’re looking for books that, at their very forefront, feature LGBTQ+ identities of all varieties, including Polyamory and other forms of non-Monogamy.

We believe that Happy Endings are essential for LGBTQ+ characters. Over the years, all kinds of media have spread the idea that queer people don’t deserve to be happy, so we’re out to change that. Of course, this can be relative to the pursuits of the main character, for example, where the main character dies but is reunited with the spirits of their family. We won’t tell you what a Happy Ending is; it’s up to your main characters to tell us that.

🔸What we aren’t seeking🔸

🔸 Contemporary Romance or YA, Children’s Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs or Religious Fiction
🔸 Love triangles (please read for clarification on how love triangles are not the same as polyamory)
🔸 M-Preg (alien races are acceptable, as are well-written human trans men)
🔸 Stories that appear to ‘fix’ any sexuality, gender identity or mental health condition

We will not accept stories that feature bestiality, or paedophilia. For clarification, sentient shape-shifters such as werewolves do not fall under bestiality and are acceptable. Characters engaged in sexual scenes must be adults.

If you have any questions about book content, please contact for more information.

🔸Submitting your work🔸

We currently accept books with a word count between 30,000 and 120,000, including previously published works provided that rights have been returned to the author. Please ensure your manuscript has been edited to the best of your ability.

Email submissions to:

🔸 In the email title, write SUBMISSION – Book Title – Author
🔸 In the body of the email, include the title, word count, genre(s), identities of the main characters, blurb and a synopsis of up to 300 words of the submitted manuscript.
🔸 Please state whether the manuscript has been previously published and if rights have been returned.
🔸 Include the first chapter or the first 3000 words (whichever is longer) of the manuscript in an attachment, in either .doc or .docx format.
🔸 Use Times New Roman (or a similar, easy to read font), size 12 – 14 with single spaces and 1.5 line breaks. Ensure that paragraphs are indented (please don’t tab!)

Good luck!