Testament of the Stars by Alexandra Beaumont

Cover art by Audrey Golden
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Astrologers govern the lives of both the blessed from the plateau of Gemynd and the downtrodden from the farming lands of Rask.

When Einya reluctantly joins the settlement’s ruling star-cult, she thinks only of the rights it will give her: the permission to marry her Raskian lover. Instead she is thrown onto a treacherous path of betrayal and political strife, trapped within the cult persecuting Rask.

Forced to drink the blood of the stars and steal their thoughts, Einya ends up at the heart of a fierce rebellion, caught between a fight for freedom and the strange luring power of the stars.

Release date ~ 26th April 2021
Novel length ~ 85,000 words
Genre ~ Adult, Dark Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy
ISBN Paperback ~ 978-91-987426-3-3
ISBN Hard cover ~ 978-91-986729-6-1
ISBN Digital ~ 978-91-986729-4-7

Content Warnings
War, violence, political unrest, death, imprisonment

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