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Winter e-copy discounts!

Until the end of December, we are offering discounts on all of our Amazon e-books! So if you are thinking of buying one of our paperbacks or hard covers as a gift this winter, why not treat yourself to a cheeky e-copy? You can also pick up discounted e-copies on our Smashwords by using the

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Folk Tales from the Hinterland Anthology Release Day!

Happy Release day to Folk Tales of the Hinterland! This anthology is full of spooky stories to keep you company in these winter evenings. Come get lost in the Hinterland with these ten dark tales that draw on inspiration from folklore. Clever mortals fool Death, escape peril and battle curses. Witches seduce with malicious intent

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Jordan Ray Interview

To celebrate Jordan Ray becoming Gurt Dog Press’s Junior Editor we asked her some questions about editing and her favourite projects. What drew you to editing as a career? I wanted to pursue a career in editing because I loved helping people make their stories the best they can be. I specifically work with queer

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