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General Submissions for novels are now open! We are specifically searching for Horror, Dark Thrillers and Sci-Fi, so if you have something in those veins, we’d love to hear from you! To clarify, we are expanding into the Thriller genre, particularly ones with a strong Horror element to them. A crossover of genres would be

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THE RUINER Release Tour!

Today’s release is THE RUINER by Nem Rowan, a dark Thriller in which a trans man named Tristen finds himself the target of an obsessed stalker who goes out of their way to make his life hell. Having just met David, a shy and lonely man that Tristen immediately begins to fall for, all of

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The Ruiner upcoming release and update!

Hello everyone! The Gurt Dog Team had to take an extended break after our whole family caught Covid and we were very, very sick. One of us is still dealing with a terrible cough, while the rest of us are still so tired, but we’re back to work now! The Ruiner by Nem Rowan sadly

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