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POSTERITY cover reveal!

In mid-November, we have POSTERITY by Jess Newton releasing and we are excited to introduce this comfy Sci-Fi with a diverse cast of characters and a lesbian lead. Get your space gear on and get ready to land on the red planet, Demeter, a safe haven away from Earth where the colony craft, Posterity, has

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Coming soon: Hardbacks from Amazon!

Since the beginning of Gurt Dog Press, the only way we could make hardbacks available was through Barnes & Noble, which posed a serious issue for anyone not living in the US as acquiring copies from abroad was originally very expensive, and then totally impossible after Covid hit! We now have a solution: we will

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This month’s Halloween release!

Coming up later this month for this year’s Halloween release, we have the creepy Horror Thriller, IN THE DARK OF THE GROVE by Jon Wesley Huff! Jon, who also did the cover art (isn’t it fantastic?) has created a relatable tale of family turbulence and the judgemental control of a small town society. The main

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