Little Black Bird Release!

It’s official: Little Black Bird by Anna Kirchner is being released this weekend on Saturday 20th June! To celebrate the release, B Proud PR has arranged a tour with over 35+ participants. We’re incredibly excited as this is our first book release and will mark the beginning of Gurt Dog’s quest to bring more LGBTQ+ speculative fiction into the world! We’re proud of Anna’s hard work and we look forward to everyone getting a chance to enter the world of Polish myths and monsters, and for there to be a new book available that represents Ace and Questioning readers.

Check out the tour information below!

HOST (Instagram):DATE:
@maythebooksbewithyouJune 15
@woodsofthebooksJune 15
@sunny.pages June 15
@thereadingfaeryJune 15
@jdkbooksJune 15
@theliterarychamberJune 15
@lbshimairaJune 16
@her.woodland.talesJune 16
@threadbear.storiesJune 16
@annas_sweets_and_storiesJune 16
@midsummernightsreadJune 17
@paddy_pikalaJune 17
@annerose2602June 17
@ec.vitoria_June 17
@midnightclockworkJune 17
@annas_sweets_and_storiesJune 18
@rainbowreads26June 18
@bettyreadsbooksJune 18
@linontheupsideJune 18
@ccreadsbooksJune 19
@anovelescapeJune 19
@wlariannaJune 20
@indieasianreadsJune 20
@kashpointJune 20
@bookspired June 20
@_hex_librisJune 20
@thereadingcountryJune 20
@loveofboooksJune 20
http://thereadingfaery.blogspot.comJune 15
http://readingundertherainbow.blogspot.comJune 15 16
https://mirrigold.comJune 17
https://paddypikala.tumblr.comJune 17
http://midsummernightsread.wordpress.comJune 17
http://blog.bookstattoosandtea.comJune 18
www.booksandbreadcrumbsblog.wordpress.comJune 18 19 20
www.queerbooksunbound.comJune 20
http://asianlibrareading.wordpress.comJune 20

Order your copy of Little Black Bird now! It’s available from the following links, and it will also be distributed by Smashwords in ebook format to most platforms, including Google Books and the Apple Store. The Amazon soft cover will be available for purchase on all of the local Amazon sites on release day! You can also pre-order the hard cover with dust jacket from Barnes & Noble.

Smashwords | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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