Coming soon: A Cure For Humanity by A. L. Haringrey

Coming up next month on February 28th, we have A Cure For Humanity by A. L. Haringrey and you won’t want to miss this exciting paranormal thriller!

In a world where humans live alongside vampires and werewolves, the latter two species are viewed as dangerous monsters, and the ruling class of humans have decided it’s better to be safe than sorry by implementing technological measures to keep them under control. At the centre of this control is the Caladrius corporation, overseen by its charismatic CEO, Albion Saint-Richter, a man whose past drives him to view all vampires and werewolves as ticking time-bombs waiting to go off.

Unbeknownst to him, his assistant (and secret lover), Gyldan, is working alongside a rag-tag family of dissenters who want the barbaric safety measures removed. Gyldan reassures himself that his relationship with Albion is purely for the sake of getting close to the CEO in order to retrieve useful data, but things start to get complicated when an unknown creature appears on the scene and is reported to be murdering the employees of rival corporation, Daedelus…

The cover has as yet to be revealed, and we’re looking forward to announcing the upcoming promo tour with B Proud PR, so stay tuned to find out more!

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