This month’s release: Testament of the Stars by Alexandra Beaumont

Later this month, Testament of the Stars by Alexandra Beaumont will be releasing and we can’t wait to show you the stunning full wrap cover by Audrey Golden!

This dark fantasy is set in the noble city of Gemynd and its slum, Rask, where it follows two lovers separated by their ambitions. The first is Einya, who becomes an Astrologer in order to claim the right to marry her lover and lift her out of poverty. The second is Einya’s lover, Tollska, who chooses instead to marry Einya’s cousin in a bid to gain political leverage for her people. These two women find themselves in the centre of Gemynd’s oppression of the Raskian people; Einya is forced to confront tough moral decisions and Tollska fights for the lives of her family and friends, whilst the threat of war from a rival kingdom who wants to claim Gemynd’s fallen stars for its own looms high in the distance…

Stay tuned to find out more about the upcoming release tour!

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