Lovelorn Release Day!

LOVELORN by April-Jane Rowan is released today! Check out this dark, gruesome Horror Fantasy if you prefer your fairies to be strange and frightening, not cute and fluffy! Follow Harry and Mabel, two mortals who become lost in the forest of Lovelorn, a fairy kingdom that is collapsing due to the neglect of its king. Harry, a once prize-winning jockey, encounters The Earl, a lecherous and untrustworthy Kelpie, who he immediately sees as his ticket to regaining his former glory at the races. All he has to do is claim the steel bridle in order to control his new steed. Meanwhile, Mabel, a grieving widow, finds herself rescued by a mysterious fairy knight who claims to be able to help her find her lost son. Though it is not clear if she can lay her trust on him, she has little choice but to do so now that she has become lost amongst the crystal trees.

You can pick up a copy of LOVELORN from Amazon and Smashwords!

Earlier this month, THE SAPPHIRE DEEP by Nem Rowan was released! If you haven’t already picked up your copy of this 1980s inspired vampire novel, now is the time to do it! You can find it on Smashwords and Amazon!

We will be hosting two giveaways soon to celebrate the releases of these books so stay tuned!

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