This month’s Halloween release!

Coming up later this month for this year’s Halloween release, we have the creepy Horror Thriller, IN THE DARK OF THE GROVE by Jon Wesley Huff! Jon, who also did the cover art (isn’t it fantastic?) has created a relatable tale of family turbulence and the judgemental control of a small town society. The main character, Kyle, is a gay man who ran away from the tiny town of Essen in rural America, escaping from the damaged relationship with his parents and forging a new life for himself far from the reaches of the townspeople. The sudden and unexpected suicide of his father forces him to return in order to deal with the family home he has now inherited, but upon arrival, Kyle soon realises that the darkness in Essen that was all around him in his childhood is now bigger and more ominous. How did this little rural community somehow develop into a sanctuary for the rich upper class? And why have so many people gone missing?

Next month, we have Posterity by Jess Newton, a sci-fi with a diverse and queer cast! We can’t wait to reveal the cover, so stay tuned for upcoming info on this one!

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