Our first release of 2022: The Lost Girl of Goose Creek

Hello everyone! So, we have managed to survive 2021, and here we are in 2022 with our first release of the year, The Lost Girl of Goose Creek by Claire Olivia Golden!

This dark emotional tale is written in verse and follows the thoughts of a young girl called Henrietta, who is abducted by a stranger and kept in a dark hole. The only possession she is able to keep is a book, La Fille Perdue, a French-language historical fantasy that she reads over and over and over… until Henrietta isn’t quite sure whether she’s who she used to be, or whether she is Mathilde, the main character of the story that manages to keep her going through such a dark time.

When she is finally rescued, Henrietta lets Mathilde guide her as she attempts to return to a life that has changed so much without her. Has her girlfriend, Lex, moved on in her absence? What happened to her father who was sick when she disappeared? Will Henrietta ever regain her own identity?

The Lost Girl of Goose Creek releases on 21st February, and if you haven’t already, you can add it to your Goodreads tbr here!

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