New title sizes on the way!

We are currently in the process of resizing all of our paperbacks to 5 x 8 inches to maintain a uniform size through our entire catalogue. This means many of our books will receive new ISBNs. We are also in the process of adding hardbacks for all of our titles in 6 x 9 cover size. With the new 5 x 8 paperbacks, the two formats should measure up against each other nicely!

More importantly, these better sizes will reduce print cost, therefore lowering the price of our books, making them more affordable and more accessible for everyone, especially readers on a tighter budget.

The first book to receive the new sizes is Unraveled by Claire Olivia Golden, you can find the new paperback and hardback on Amazon right now! Claire’s upcoming book, The Lost Girl of Goose Creek is also being released later this month on the 21st, so you can expect to find it in our brand new format!

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