The Kindle e-books loophole

Unfortunately, due to a sheer number of e-book returns we’ve received through Kindle over the last quarter, we have decided to remove our e-copies from Amazon. If you would like to buy an e-copy to read on your Kindle, you can still do so through our Smashwords store! Paperback and Hardback copies are still available to purchase on Amazon.

It is incredibly sad that this loophole has cost us so many sales during the last few months, especially as a small press since we do not make anywhere near as many sales as one of the mega book publishers. Please do not return your Kindle e-books for a refund unless there is a really good reason. Every time you use this loophole to get free books, you are robbing authors of their hard-earned royalties and you also cost small presses like us Amazon fees that put us into the negative.

Please support small presses and indie authors by buying our books!

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