Beneath A Bethel by April-Jane Rowan

Cover art by Nem Rowan
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Every youth of Elbridge remembers their Floris, the holy ceremony where their teeth are pulled out with pliers. It marks their ascension into adulthood and their right to have new porcelain teeth, ones that are embedded with magic, that grant the ability to make wishes.

Angora’s Floris will be upon the banks of the Eldwen river, the communal ceremony befitting his station. However he longs to remember his ceremony for the splendour of the Bethel, wreathed in candle light, drooping flowers and holy hymns.

Seeking to fulfil his dream leaves him the victim of violence and an outcast from society, living on its fringes until a chance meeting brings him to the heart of the Masters Guild, the place teeth are made. Learning secrets he never thought he’d be privy too, he eventually discovers the dark cost of their tradition.

Beneath A Bethel is a dark horror fantasy, set in a harsh, snow-covered city that hides its brutality with pageantry.

Release date ~ 31st August 2020
ISBN Digital ~ 978-91-986187-2-3
ISBN Paperback ~ 978-91-986187-3-0
ISBN Hard Cover ~ 978-91-986187-7-8
Genre ~ Adult, Horror Fantasy
Length ~ 34,000 words

Content Warnings
Graphic violence, death, gore, abandonment, homelessness

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